Our 2018—2019 Bridge

Nadine is the Executive Officer of our Squadron, responsible for all external projects and fills in for our Commander.

Lt/C Tony Romersa

Tony is the Administrative Officer responsible for all internal projects/programs (i.e., Parties, Cruises, membership, etc.).




Lt/C Karel Goodrich, P

Karel is the Squadron Secretary in charge of the dynamic team that produces the website, the Helm Station (our monthly newsletter), the roster, and much more.

Lt/C Cliff Schmidt, JN

Cliff is our education officer, responsible for providing educational opportunities for all our members.

Lt/C Bob Gutierrez, N

Bob is the Squadron’s Treasurer and supervises the ship’s store (Squadron shirts, hats, burgees, etc.).

Lt/C Nadine Cornell, S

Wondering what the “stuff” is before and after their names?  The first letters indicates the level of responsibility, Lt/C stands for Lieutenant Commander.  The second set of letters indicates their educational achievement (S=Seamanship, P=Pilot, JN=Junior Navigator, N=Navigator, SN=Completed all USPS educational courses).

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If you were to ask me why our organization is so successful and continuing to thrive, my answer would be, "If you promote our core values, attract good people who enjoy doing fun activities and enjoy supporting their communities, then you will have a winning organization."

The members of the Manatee Sail & Power Squadron enjoy an active lifestyle that includes an enthusiasm for safe boating, the joy of gatherings with friends and a genuine love of sharing fellowship in a wide range of interesting activities. We are known as the "fun squadron" and it shows in everything we do!  We are committed to improving our skills and knowledge through the education courses the squadron offers. We are equally committed to giving back to our community by offering safe boating classes to the general public and by assisting the less fortunate by helping in many  community service organizations.

  Our Commander

 Cdr Matt Braatz, AP

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